Who are the GeekBuddies? Here are some facts you need to know

GeekBuddy is part of the Comodo Group, one of the world's most trusted Internet Security and Antivirus technology providers. With over 45 million PCs around the world protected by Comodo's EDR security software - including its award-winning free Antivirus and Anti-malware solutions - Comodo is guided by its mission to Create Trust Online.

All of this is provided at a no-nonsense price, with no hidden costs or extra fees. For one flat rate, you get unlimited support... no strings attached. So if you are looking to have an expert computer guru in your corner, available 24/7 to ensure that your PC is safe, secure, and performing at its best, then look no further than GeekBuddy.

So the GeekBuddy team was built with a crystal clear mission: To provide expert, friendly support 24/7 to customers for all of their common PC problems, and proactively help customers prevent future problems.

Leveraging the LivePCSupport platform, GeekBuddies can assist you remotely right through your PC while you watch, and securely monitor your PC's health and maintenance - all while maintaining your utmost privacy. (GeekBuddy can not and will not ever access any personal files on your computer.)

The GeekBuddy team was formed because we believe that people deserve to have a safe, secure, and stress-free computing experience, and should not have to pay a fortune for it.

When we studied the various live-support options available out there, we realized that they were all far too expensive, and did not deliver the proactive support that customers deserve. None of the services out there helped people prevent computer problems before they happened - whether it be viruses, spyware, data loss, or ID theft.

Comodo is a leader in providing internet security software for individuals,
small businesses and corporations.

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Comodo's award winning antivirus software stops all malware with our breakthrough Defense+ Technology.

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